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China cybersecurity draft law

China Passes New Cybersecurity Law, Increases Control of Internet

China has further tightened its grip on the Internet, with the passage of a new cybersecurity law. The law will have wide-reaching impacts both in and outside the country, on Internet businesses and human rights alike. China’s new cybersecurity law requires the collection…

use a VPN in China

How To Access an Unrestricted Internet While Traveling in China

Traveling to China? Want to maintain access to the same Internet experience you have from your home country? If so, it’s essential you use a VPN. Traveling throughout China will be an experience of a lifetime, and you don’t want be held back…

Self-Censorship in China Continues, Extends to Mobile Apps

Self-Censorship in China Continues, Extends to Mobile Apps

We already know about censorship and propaganda pandemonium in China. The Great Firewall of China prohibits users from browsing the Internet freely, the 50c-party fabricates social media posts for strategic distraction[1] and the Internet police (wang-luo-guan-li-yuan) removes harsh criticisms about the Chinese government. As a…

China Legalizing Great Firewall

Does Censoring the Internet in China Work?

According to a recent Washington Post series – yes. Internet censorship in China, instituted via China’s Great Firewall, is not only effective but also increasing in the country. We’ve written about the Great Firewall before, and in a recent news series The Washington Post…

China’s Anti-Terror Law Allows Decryption “On Demand”

Chinese Law Proposes Banning Web Domains and Increasing Censorship

The Chinese government introduced a draft law that would increase Internet censorship in the country. The proposed rules would allow the government to ban Web domains that are not approved by “local authorities.” This could include the extremely common “.com” and “.org” domains….

China Legalizing Great Firewall

Is China Finally Legalizing the Great Firewall?

China seems to be changing its tune in how it recognizes the Great Firewall. Over the past few months, several events indicate that China is publicly moving towards legalizing the Great Firewall – both through their efforts to promote Internet Sovereignty and attempts…

CA Key

Some Providers Use Weak 1024-bit Keys – VyprVPN Explains Why Its Strong Keys Matter

Recently in the news, Tech In Asia reported that VPN providers ExpressVPN and Astrill have been using Certificate Authority (CA) certificates generated from 1024-bit keys. As far back as 2003, 1024-bit keys were projected to be crackable by 2010, and current research estimates…

China’s Anti-Terror Law Allows Decryption “On Demand”

China’s Anti-Terror Law Allows Decryption “On Demand”

A new anti-terror law, which includes provisions for Internet surveillance, went into effect in China on January 1. The law requires telecos and Internet providers to decrypt communications when requested by the government. As outlined in the law companies must provide: “technical interfaces, decryption…

Internet Censorship 2015

The Top 10 Internet Censorship Events of 2015

We’ve seen a lot of censorship this year, from content blocking to flat out surveillance and control through “great firewalls.” Freedom House’s 2015 Freedom on the Net even reported that worldwide Internet freedom declined for the 5th year in a row – a…

Bypass the Great Firewall

China Completely Blocks Wikipedia…Again

As reported by the International Business Times, China has blocked Wikipedia in “its entirety” – and this isn’t the first time. The site’s Chinese version was previously blocked, but now all versions of Wikipedia are blocked in China. China has made a practice…