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UK Investagatory Powers Bill

New UK Draft Law Prohibits “Unbreakable Encryption”

The US took a step in the right direction on the issue of encryption a few weeks ago, when the government officially announced they would not be seeking “backdoors” into encrypted communications (at least not for now). It comes as a bit of…

Golden Frog's Partner Ecosystem

Building a Privacy Ecosystem: How Partnerships Allow Us to Focus on our Core Service

At Golden Frog, we work hard to provide our users with the best solutions to protect their online privacy and security. In addition to the products we create, we’re committed to building a third-party application and partner ecosystem. This approach allows us to…

Golden Frog Brand Advocates

Introducing the Golden Frog Brand Advocates Program

Do you love Golden Frog? Have you shared our content, talked about us or engaged with us online? If the answer is “yes,” you may be interested in our new Brand Advocates Program! What’s a brand advocate? Brand Advocates are people who love…

Increase Streaming Speeds VPN

Your ISP is Slowing you Down. Defeat Throttling & Peering with a VPN

When you’re online you want to browse, stream and download at maximum speed and without interruption. Yet all too often you find your Internet connection is slow. It’s not the speed you want, nor what you’ve signed up and paid for. A look at…

Encryption Fundamentals

Encryption Fundamentals: What Everyone Should Know

Encryption is an essential tool and a fundamental right. It should be easy to use and available to the entire population, and should not contain any backdoors.  Golden Frog advocates strongly for encryption, and we’ve outlined four key principles of encryption below. 1….

NSA AT&T Spying on User Data

AT&T, Shame on You for Helping the NSA Spy on Us

The New York Times broke some disturbing news this weekend – telecom giant AT&T is a willing partner with the US National Security Agency (NSA), and has been helping the NSA spy on the Internet traffic of a massive number of AT&T users. The article…

Myths VPN Anonymity Logging

Can You Be Anonymous Online? Golden Frog Debunks 10 Myths

We just released I am Anonymous When I Use a VPN – 10 Myths Debunked in the “Take Back Your Internet” section of our website. This is an updated version of our 7 Myths Debunked article from last year, with three new myths…