Russia announces plan to outlaw VPNs.

Russia’s VPN Law Goes Into Effect, Impacts Use Of VPN Services

Russia’s VPN Law Russia’s proposed VPN law takes effect today. We knew this law was coming – it was signed earlier this year in July – as the country planned to implement the law to combat the spread of extremist materials online. While the law…

Debate Over FISA 702 Continues as Senate Holds Open Hearing

FISA 702: We Need Reform Before It’s Too Late

The FISA 702 amendments have been in the news a lot lately, and we’ve certainly addressed the topic before. FISA stands for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and the 702 amendments allow for law enforcement to collect data on foreign targets. The main issue with…

China's social credit score has alarming privacy implications

China’s Proposed ‘Social Credit Score’ Brings Scores of Implications for Privacy

Back in 2014, the State Council of China published a document entitled “Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System.”  While the name is fairly innocuous, the concept it presents is far from. In this document, China proposes a national trust…

Introducing Golden Frog Policy Highlights

Policy Highlight: USA Liberty Act of 2017 (H.R. 3989)

Reauthorizing Section702 Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) as amended in 2008 allows the intelligence community to monitor the communications of foreign targets outside of the United States. However the law is set to expire at the end of 2017…

Letter to Apple about VPNs in China.

US Senators Demand Answers on Apple Censorship in China

Update – December 1, 2017: Apple responded to Senators’ inquiry about their censorious actions in China last week. In a formal statement given by Apple’s VP of public policy, Cynthia Hogan, Apple explained that although they aren’t happy about complying with censorship in China the…

There are many dangers associated with public Wi-Fi.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi Without Protection. Ever.

The Internet is abuzz with news of the latest Internet vulnerability, this time in a ubiquitous place – Wi-Fi Networks. While we already knew just how insecure Wi-Fi networks were, this latest discovery is raising alarm bells for a great deal of people….

Censorship Increases Ahead of Communist Party Congress in China

Intense Censorship Arrives Ahead of China’s Communist Party Congress

China’s Communist Party Congress is coming up this week, and in advance of the meeting many security, surveillance and censorship measures are being ramped up in the country. The Communist Party Congress takes place every 5 years, and this year marks the 19th…

PureVPN revealed to be keeping logs.

Pure Lies: PureVPN’s “No Logs” Claims Invalidated By Recent FBI Case

News broke this week that VPN provider PureVPN is lying to consumers about how it keeps logs, specifically claiming it doesn’t log when it actually does. The story serves as an urgent reminder that research and common sense must be used in order to…


National Cyber Security Awareness Month: October 2017

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)! This annual campaign takes place in the United States, and 2017 marks the event’s 14th year. NCSAM is sponsored by, and is supported by the US government. The goal of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is to raise awareness about the importance…

China Firewall

VyprVPN Service in China Restored After Latest Round of Blocking

The Chinese government began blocking VyprVPN connections via IP blocking, as well as targeting of iOS connections yesterday (October 4). As indicated by reports and commentary online, the latest round of censorship in the form of VPN blocking appears to be hitting many…