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Russia Internet Data Storage Law

Russia Building Its Own Great Firewall with Help From China

It’s being reported that Russia is working on it’s own “Great Firewall” – a reference to the mechanism China uses to filter and censor their Internet. Russia has been working with China to implement some aspects of the Great Firewall, to maintain control over…

Russia Internet Data Storage Law

Russia Blocks LinkedIn for Violating Data Storage Law

LinkedIn was officially blocked in Russia this Thursday, as they were found to be in violation of a Russian data storage law.  The law, passed in 2014 and enacted in September 2015, requires that websites store data for their Russian users on local…

Russia Internet Data Storage Law

Russia’s Scary New Internet Data Retention Law

Russia has a new Internet data retention law – and it’s restrictive. The law was enacted on September 1 and, as explained in a Guardian article, requires companies to store data about Russian citizens on Russian soil. The law is, for now at…